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  The Bullshit That Is Called Gamestop.

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Jonathan Valdez

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PostSubject: The Bullshit That Is Called Gamestop.   Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:57 pm

This is to anybody that feels the same way, and wants to voice their opinion. This is a forum I started so that gamers that are fed up with gamestop and the way they handle their customers. But also not just a site that we can all rant on, but a site where we can let each other know about mom n pop game shops, a site where after awhile i can build up on and there will be contests,videos of the day,help columns and people that have the same gameing views, would be able to join up online if that may be. Plus, enough members where we can get together collectively and just basically start "the gameing site".
Anyways back to the topic, "Gamestop" a fanchise that is having profits in the billions continues to treat its customers like they are the bottom feeders. Im talking about the managers that have a powertrip for some reason and the corporate branches that continue to get complaint after complaint and do not crack down on the peice of shit employees.

So feel free to come on here and voice your opinion and let this forum be the underdog of info and the gameing world. On here WE will let each other know about ways to get around Gamestop and let each other know, and help each other about ways to get games cheap and sell that for what they are worth.

This site is going to be the site that will piss Gamestop the fuck off. And Really give power to the players,haha.
I will be building this site up very soon and fast and plan on contacting game designers and development companies that are "in" on giving back to us, and let us know what they think. I mean without us they wouldn't have shit.

So register and become a member, so you can bitch about what you want, give ideas that will be listened too, and join something that will say "FUCK YOU" to gamestop and be a journey to everyone that takes part in the site.
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The Bullshit That Is Called Gamestop.
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