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 Rent Games for a period of 7 Days at GAMESTOP

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Jonathan Valdez

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PostSubject: Rent Games for a period of 7 Days at GAMESTOP   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:09 pm

The only catch here is that you need enough money for the game and it is USED.

First you will need to go to Gamestop and find a used game you will want to play, and make sure it is a used game because there is no
bringing back New Games for a refund.

Second buy it and save the reciept, MAKE SURE TO SAVE THE RECIEPT!!

Third you will be able to have it for a total of 7 days but make sure to return it within that time frame or the refund will be void and you
will be fucked and this forum I wrote just now will have been written for nothing...

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Rent Games for a period of 7 Days at GAMESTOP
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